Leesuk Ferencsik, PhD, RN

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Leesuk Ferencsik, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor
headshot Office phone: (407)303-7893 Email: Leesuk.Ferencsik@adu.edu


Leesuk Ferencsik is a registered nurse (RN), an assistant professor here at ADU.

She has been a RN since 1989 and worked in both South Korea and the United States on long-term care facility, health clinic, and all three levels of care: medical surgical unit, progressive care unit (PCU), and intensive care unit (ICU) in various acute care hospitals. Before she became a nursing faculty at ADU, she worked as a clinical nurse educator for a multisystem ICU, Surgical PCU, and Transplant Unit. She has a passion for teaching and learning. She was very pleased when she became a nursing faculty at ADU where she can do both: learning and teaching.

Leesuk earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Korea Open University, South Korea, and Master’s degree in Nursing Education from the University of Phoenix. She is currently enrolled in the nursing PhD program at Barry University in Miami, Florida.