Wanda R. Forbes, MSN, MPH, ARNP, RN

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Wanda R. Forbes, MSN, MPH, ARNP, RN

Associate Professor
headshot Office phone: (407)303-7893 Email: Wanda.Forbes@adu.edu


Ms. Forbes is a native New Yorker, she loves the city and visits every time she can. She received her initial education in New York City; she will receive her DNP this year from the University of Massachusetts. Her work experience include Emergency Dept. ICU, oncology, palliative care (Hospice) and public health nursing.

Her credentials include a master's in nursing and a master’s in public health. She is certified in both Hospice & palliative care and in oncology nursing. She is an ARNP and volunteers at several homeless clinics. Her responsibilities at the university include teaching in Adult Health II and Community Health.