Nadia Edwin, PhD

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Nadia Edwin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Dr. Edwin is an assistant professor of Chemistry in the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences at Adventist University of Health Sciences. She received her doctoral degree in Chemistry from Louisiana State University. Her dissertation research focused on the characterization of beta-amyloid peptide associated with Alzheimer’s disease and peptide interaction with novel inhibitors. Immediately after her doctoral degree, she transitioned to postdoctoral studies and served as a National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Polymers Division at National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Dr. Edwin believes it is crucial that students build a solid foundation in the basic principles of chemistry, as well as modern techniques and applications and begin to develop dynamic interests in chemical research. Training with chemistry software, chemical instrumentation, and research journals as well as observing daily life applications all help to increase student engagement, and enthusiasm. The most important behaviors she wants to pass to her students are her passion for chemistry and learning; a legacy that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Both skills and creativity are essential in solving complex technical and scientific problems. Thus, teaching and research are necessary to strengthen an academic program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Edwin intends to further challenge herself in the near future by melding her biopolymer background and understanding of nanoparticles-polymer dynamics, in combination with other personal research interests (colloids, bio-inspired materials, polymer and polyelectrolyte dynamics, nanotechnology, hydrogelation of small molecules…) to develop new approaches and technologies that can improve the quality of human life.