Jerry Donohoe, MA, RT (R) (CT)

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Jerry Donohoe, MA, RT (R) (CT)

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In 1987, after serving for 23 years, Jerry retired from the US Navy. In 1988, he entered Florida Hospital’s School of Radiologic Technology as a student. After graduating at the top of his class in 1990, he worked as a staff technologist in the Radiology Department of Florida Hospital Orlando. In 1991, he joined the faculty of the School of Radiologic Technology. While in this position, in 1992, he was invited to join Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences (now Adventist University of Health Sciences) as one of the founding members of the institution. He has taught the Radiographic Physics (Principles of Image Production) course since 1991 and, since 2006, has been the lead instructor of the Introduction to Radiography course. From 1995 to 2015, Jerry served as the Radiography Program’s Clinical Coordinator. During this time, the program increased its Clinical Education sites from four to its present number of 20, including five sites at the Denver, CO campus. In 2012, Jerry was the recipient of the “Educator of the Year” award for the academic year of 2011-2012.