Glenice Debique, PhD

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Glenice Debique, PhD

Professor of Sociology

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Dr. DeBique has been a professor for 12 years in the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences at Adventist University of Health Sciences. She teaches the Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 125), Multicultural Applications for the Health Sciences (SOCI 301) and the Cultural and Ethical Considerations for Health Sciences (HTSC 640) to our graduate students in the graduate programs. She and her students have been engaged in Community Engagement Programs, specifically IMPACT (Innovative Ministries with Parents, Administrators, Children and Teachers), a collaborative effort with Orange County and St. Luke’s in Orlando for several years. Other responsibilities include advising and mentoring students and colleagues, serving on various committees across campus as well as other University duties. Dr. DeBique earned a Ph.D. in Education and is engaged in cultural and diversity studies. She especially enjoys and is challenged in creating and developing new courses for our programs. She has been an educator for all of her working life, and the past twenty plus have been in higher education.