Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

ADU Name Change

What does it mean to be an alumnus?

Graduates of FHCHS/ADU are one of the greatest assets to the institution. If we were manufacturers our alumni would be our product. What better way to showcase to the world what FHCHS/ADU has to offer than by graduating highly skilled, compassionate healthcare workers. FHCHS/ADU graduates serve as ambassadors of the institution by demonstrating their skills in the workplace, referring potential students to the institution, and participating in the mentor program. Many alumni also become donors to the University and have founded scholarships.

Why did the institution change its name?

In the beginning, having the name Florida Hospital was a tremendous asset for the University. Twenty years ago the name Florida Hospital lent instant credibility to a startup college of 243 students. As the college continued to evolve and grow it became apparent that the institution needed a name to better reflect what Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences had become. With half of our student body scattered across the nation in our online education programs and our growing number of programs at our Denver location, we realized the Florida Hospital name did not have the same impact outside of the Sunshine State. In addition, FHCHS was continuing to grow its graduate program offerings and is currently in the process of moving to the next level with plans to offer doctorate degrees in the near future.

The name Adventist University of Health Sciences, Florida Hospital’s University, was selected with deliberate care to tie in the past with the present. The word “Adventist” is reflective of our relationship with our parent entity, Adventist Health System. It also aligns us with our church affiliation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The use of the tagline “Florida Hospital’s University” shows that we are still part of the Florida Hospital family.

The new name does not change who we are or what we do; it is simply a better reflection of who we’ve always been.

What are the benefits to the institution?

Adventist University of Health Sciences is a name that conveys who we are as an institution. As mentioned above, our offerings in Denver and our online students comprise half of our student body and the name is indicative of our appeal outside the Central Florida area. Also, becoming a university reflects our growth in graduate programs. The name Adventist University of Health Sciences doesn’t tie us to one hospital system, city, or state, but allows a broader appeal across the nation.

What are the benefits to the alumni and students?

The students that graduate from Adventist University of Health Sciences are now graduating from a university instead of a college. The prestige of graduating from a university can help open more doors for those seeking post-graduate education, research opportunities, and employment. Also, lets face it; it’s much cooler to have your diploma say “university” as opposed to “college.”

As a graduate, what does this name change mean to me?

Whether you graduated from Florida Hospital College in 1994 or are planning to graduate in 2014, our students, graduates, and alumni can say that their alma mater is a university. As an alumnus of Adventist University of Health Sciences, you are still part of the tradition of Florida Hospital’s healthcare education that extends back more than 100 years and is still evolving, growing, and strengthening as an institution. As an alumnus, you are serving others with the same mission focus and clinical skills that have made the University the entity it is today. The name Adventist University of Health Sciences-Florida Hospital’s University ties in our rich past with today’s growth, and into the institutions bright future.

Is my degree/diploma still valid?


How do I list my degree on my resume?

However you would like to list it; the choice is yours. The name of the institution was changed, but the corporation did not change at all. All of our records are records of students that have graduated from this institution.

ADU Communication (Receiving or Discontinuing)

How do I keep my ADU email account after I graduate?

Your ADU email address remains active forever. If you cannot remember your login information, simply click the “forgot my password,” link and follow the provided instructions, or contact us at

Why don’t I get correspondence or e-mail news updates from ADU?

We may have outdated or no contact information for you or our records may indicate that you requested not to receive any communication. If you would like to start receiving information from ADU, simply contact us.

I have new contact information and would like to update it with ADU.

Whenever you have a change to your contact information (home or email address, phone number etc.) you may make those updates at any time by contacting us. Or, you may contact us directly by calling (407)303-9706 or via email to

I do not wish to receive any communication from ADU.

Simply contact the alumni office and we will update our records.

Transcripts and Diplomas

I need an official transcript and/or a replacement diploma from ADU. How do I get one?

You can request your transcripts using the Transcript Request Form, or by contacting the Registrar. For a replacement diploma, please contact the Registrar.

Office of the Registar
671 Winyah Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: (407)303-1785
Fax: (407)303-9755

About the ADU Alumni Association

Where is the ADU Alumni Office located?

Our office is located in the Campus Center building in the Student Services office.

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Phone: (407)303-9706

How can I help ADU?

Get involved with our Mentor Program.

Give back to ADU

How can I get general news about ADU?

Visit the ADU news page for the latest stories about the university.