Leanna Neubrander to Lead Strategy and Growth for ADU Online

News Lisa Esser

Adventist University of Health Sciences has hired its Director of Online Strategic Development and Engagement for their new ADU Online Department. Leanna Neubrander, currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiologic Sciences, will step into this new role starting in May.

Leanna Neubrander

Leanna Neubrander, the new Director of Online Strategic Development and Engagement for ADU Online.

Leanna has worked at ADU since 2006 as faculty, but her history with the University extends back to her start as a student at age 17. She earned her A.S. and B.S. in Radiologic Sciences from ADU and eventually a Master's degree in Health Sciences Education from Nova Southeastern University.

In her teaching role, she was one of the forerunners of the online education program at ADU, contributing to many of the best practices the university still uses. She also has extensive experience in designing and developing online courses from the ground up, and has shared her expertise at numerous faculty technology showcases and professional developments, in addition to presenting at state and international conferences.

In her new position, she will seek to promote ADU Online's programs, expand partnership relationships, facilitate B2B recruiting, and explore new initiatives and opportunities in online education. "Through the convenience of online higher education, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to unlock the potential of their employees by investing in their professional and personal growth," explains Leanna.

"Leanna has a unique combination of clinical, academic, and business experience that will allow her to adapt and innovate ways to connect healthcare professionals to seek their advanced education through an ADU Online program," affirms Deena Slockett, Chief Operations Officer for ADU Online. "I am confident her expertise will be instrumental to growing the partnerships with stakeholders and community members."

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