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Professional Issues in Occupational Therapy

This course begins preparation of the student for transition from the role of a student to the role of a professional. The student is prepared for Level II Fieldwork experience by reinforcing his or her knowledge of components of the occupational therapy process, using individual and group problem-solving tasks related to both clinical and ethical problems. Case studies will provide an opportunity for the student to further refine his or her clinical reasoning skills. The student learns the skills necessary to assist in the establishment and maintenance of an occupational therapy clinic, to participate in OT research and quality assurance/improvement, to become an advocate for the profession, and to become a lifelong learner. Two credit hours of lecture, two credit hours of lab. This course meets the requirement for an oral communication course (see Communication Requirements in the Academic Section of the Academic Catalog).

Course Sections for Spring 2014-2015 Trimester
Vicki Case
Jan 05 - Apr 17, 2015
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