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Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare

This course will expose students to the principles of business ethics as well as understanding clinical ethical dilemmas. In the process of reviewing these general principles, students will consider and develop their own prioritized values that would apply to their anticipated work in healthcare organizations. Special emphasis will be placed on the administrator's ethical and social responsibility in deciding how to allocate resources and deal with conflicting interests. Governance structures and audit systems will be addressed as well as ethical frameworks for decision-making. The course considers the legal obligation and responsibilities of healthcare organizations in administration. Elements of corporation, agency, administrative, and common law are covered. In addition, voluntary and government regulations of the healthcare industry are discussed. This course critically examines the major social, political, and economic forces impacting business organizations.

Course Sections for Spring 2014-2015 Trimester
Stanley Dobias
Jan 05 - Feb 20, 2015
Section A
Main Campus
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