DNRS451 Information

Community Health Practicum for RNs

This course builds on DNRS 450 Community Health: Individuals and Groups for RNs with emphasis on two major clinical projects:(a)assessment of the community where the student lives, and (b)development and implementation of an educational project that addresses the learning needs of the community health client. This is a process of critically thinking about the community and involves embracing the community client as partner. The course aids the student in comprehending the vulnerabilities and challenges of the individual, family, and sub-populations by identification of community strengths and resources that are available to help with health promotion, disease prevention, and necessity to involve consumers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of healthcare efforts. This course includes three credit hours of theory and clinical projects (45 clock hours) and meets the requirement for a written communication course (see Communication Requirements in the Academic Section of the Academic Catalog).

All prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade of C (2.00).

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At this time, there are no scheduled sections for DNRS451.