DNRS450 Information

Community Health: Individuals and Groups for RNs

This course focuses on the health of the population as a whole and includes health protection, health promotion, disease prevention, and education on primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of care in a variety of public health settings. It describes the historical and current status of the healthcare delivery system and nursing status in the community. It also emphasizes and addresses specific issues of populations at risk and societal concerns that affect nursing practice in the community. It analyzes conceptual frameworks applied to nursing practice in the community and selected models from nursing and related sciences. The course examines diversity in the role of nurses in the community and describes the rapidly changing roles, functions, and practice settings. This course includes three credit hours of theory (45 clock-hours) and meets the requirements for a written communication course (see Communication Requirements in the Academic Section of the Academic Catalog).

All prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade of C (2.00).

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At this time, there are no scheduled sections for DNRS450.