DMAT120 Information

College Algebra

This course is a study of the concept of function, as well as other advanced algebra concepts. Following a brief review of algebra topics covered in previous courses, the topics covered in this course will include an extension of intermediate or high school algebra topics, number systems including complex numbers, equations, and inequalities involving linear and quadratic models, polynomials, absolute values, radicals and rational expressions, matrices and determinants, solutions of systems of equations, and inequalities, sequences, series, limits, and logarithms. Emphasis is placed on pertinent applications of these topics as well as the use of appropriate support technologies, such as graphing calculators.

Two years of high school algebra with a minimum grade of C (2.00) and one of the following: A minimum score of 19 on the math portion of the ACT, a minimum Math score of 470 on the SAT, or successful completion of MATH 105 with a minimum grade of C (2.00), or successful completion of the Mathematics COMPASS Placement test. All prerequisites must have been completed within five years.

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