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Share your successes with us, catch up on University news, and peruse the tools you’ll need to develop your career. As a member of Adventist University of Health Sciences (formerly Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences) Alumni Association, you’ll be entitled to benefits, too. We can’t wait to hear from you.

ADU Alumnus Benefits

Use our templates to spruce up your resume. Craft a website showcasing your portfolio or resume. Review job opportunities and submit your resume directly to employers. Put your best you out there. There are limited slots available. Inactive accounts will be deactivated. This service is offered free to graduates of Adventist University of Health Sciences (Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences).

Step 1: Request your access code.

An email with the access code will be sent to you.

Step 3: View Optimal Résumé tutorials.

For more information on on how to use Optimal Resume, please refer to this demonstration video:


echelon® is a division of Adventist University of Health Sciences providing interactive primary and continuing education courses through distance learning, specializing in healthcare education for current and aspiring professionals. echelon® dovetails perfectly with the mission of Florida Hospital and ADU to deliver outstanding academic achievements meshed with Christian values. We strive to give you the highest quality education and a bright vision for the future. As a cherished Alumni Association member, echelon® would like to offer you a free continuing education course. Choose from one of our three continuing education programs necessary for all healthcare professionals:

  • HIV/AIDS - Prevention, Transmission, Exposure Support
  • Reduction of Medical Errors
  • Domestic Violence
Feel free to browse echelon's Course Catalog and course that interests you. Please submit the following information to receive your free voucher or contact echelon® at 1.888.800.8101.

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Access journals and articles for the fields of Allied Health and Nursing. Student ID numbers are required for alumni to log in. Alumni without access to can contact Selena Seballo, director of Alumni Relations, for further assistance.


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Give Back

Alumni can make a difference in our students’ lives by lending their time, talent, or treasure.

We invite you to:

Gifts to Adventist University of Health Sciences are processed through the Florida Hospital Foundation. This arrangement conserves valuable resources while directing 100% of your gift toward the University project or program of your choosing. We welcome your feedback; please contact Carol Bradfield via email or phone at (407)303-8969.

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Your Classmates

Your transcripts are yours for the requesting.

Transcript Request

The Office of the Registrar should receive requests for transcripts at least ten business days before they are needed. Unfortunately, telephone or e-mail requests cannot be honored. Official transcripts will not be issued to students with unpaid accounts or those in default on federal loan payments. Additionally, students or alumni owing payment on any federal grant will be denied unless he or she can provide official documentation proving arrangements have been made with the lending institution.

For questions regarding transcript requests, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Phone: (407) 303-1785

On-line Transcript Request

ADU Alumni can request secure, electronic delivery of their official transcripts. All transcripts, regardless of delivery method (U.S. postal or electronic), will have a minimum service fee of $5 per request. Additional charges will be applied for expedited and international services.

To order your transcript, log into Parchment using your login credentials.

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Unofficial Transcripts for Alumni

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