Master of Occupational Therapy Program

Quick Facts

Degree Level
Master's Degree
Application Deadline
March 1, 2016
Admits per Intake
GPA Requirement
minimum 3.00
2015 Average Admitted GPA: 3.60
Program Start
Fall Trimester

About the Master of Occupational Therapy Program

The Profession

Occupational therapists provide rehabilitative services to persons with physical, developmental, and mental disabilities. The goal of therapy is to enable clients to function as independently as possible in the areas of self-care, work, and leisure. They may help a disabled homemaker learn how to perform household tasks or help an injured worker return to work by improving hand strength and coordination. Those best suited for this profession genuinely relate to both individuals and small groups. The potential OT student must be flexible, creative, and a good problem solver. The focus of occupational therapy is on performances of daily living, work and productivity, play or leisure, cognition and social interactions. These areas require individualized care and empathy in the provision of client-centered services to integrate performance, roles, and contexts.

The Program

The purpose of the Master of Occupational Therapy program is to prepare competent, entry-level occupational therapy practitioners to provide holistic care for individuals and families. The program is grounded in Christian principles, organized in a progressive manner, and built on a solid foundation of arts and sciences. The curriculum for the program is a 27-month degree consisting of 7 full time trimesters created to prepare students as generalists in the field of OT. During these terms, students will participate in a variety of field work experiences, exposing them to a numerous settings offering occupational therapy. Graduates of the program will be eligible to apply for the NBCOT Certification Exam.

And the results are clear.

The pioneer class graduated in December of 2013. The class has a 100% pass rate, and each student has found employment. Occupational therapists are also able to start their own businesses, develop new equipment for use with their patients, or work in a more traditional setting, if that is their preference. A Master's degree will also open the door to additional research opportunities and will prepare students for doctoral work. Recent graduates of an Occupational Therapy program can expect to earn $55,000-80,000 per year in the Central Florida area.

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