What is my.ADU.edu?

my.ADU.edu is a Web site where all students, applicants, and University employees can log in and access a portal of information specific to them. This portal is accessible by typing my.adu.edu into any browser's address bar, or by clicking on the my.adu.edu link at the top of this page.

Image of my.ADU.edu

Features for current students and employees:

  • Email
  • Campus Announcements
  • Library
  • Class Schedule
  • Course Information
  • Bookstore
  • Records Forms
  • Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • QuickList
  • learn.ADU.edu (Angel)

Features for applicants:

  • Application Status
  • Financial Aid Status

Not everything is new, yet. Plans are in place to further grow and improve my.ADU.edu services for students and employees. To contribute a wish or idea, please contact us.

Are you a student, applicant, or employee? Visit my.adu.edu now.